Interview with the guys from “Wesuvio”

Well, my first post on the blog section of my website coincides with my first interview ūüôā

One of the owners of the website Wesuvio, Salvatore Esposito, was impressed by some of my drawings. He asked me if I agreed to reply to some questions about my work, my relocation here in Bern, and my passion for drawing.

My¬†website was born, to promote me, my drawings, and my passion for art. Basically, I’m a Nerd and my day-to-day employ is a technical job in an IT firm. So I decided to open my website to have fun both with technological and artistic stuff, and I hope that lots of people can enjoy it and appreciate my artwork. The blog section is to write news that I can consider relevant or important, as comments about artists, about art materials, reviews and so on.

So when I had the opportunity to reply to some questions about myself, my life, my work, and my passion I was glad to have this opportunity and a bit nervous that people could know more about me.

Anyway, what makes me proud is that my little interview is part of the Wesuvio section “Monthly excellence” as a notable person in the Vesuvian area. I have good company in this section because there are so many people as artists, photographers, and archeologists. People who try with talent and simplicity to enrich the cultural background of the Vesuvian area and show¬†that it’s still alive and there is¬†still cultural ferment here.

A big thanks and congrats for Wesuvio guys. Their effort and passion to promote the culture and history of the Vesuvian area is worthwhile. They are going ahead only with enthusiasm and passion, and with the love they have for their hometown and surroundings.

I advise you to visit their website. There are a lot of interesting activities, a lot of info about history and a rich gastronomic section :-). Enjoy it.


  1. bomberGiorgio says:


  2. bomberGiorgio says:

    i really appreciate your artistic jobs. Your operas exude soul-deep, humanity evolved and child-inside…
    How can I have one of your fantastic job? Where I can buy someone of them???

    Good job, man!

    Best Regards
    Kindly George…

  3. cristina says:

    anche io ho visto il tuo sito i disegni sono veramente belli non pensavo che eri cosi bravo……. ce ne uno che mi piace fammi sapere quanto costa ….. penso che hai capito chi sono ciao

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