Little prince bookmarks in water colors

One of my dear friends asked me to create something for her little baby baptism.

As the title sentences, she asked me to realize a series of bookmarks inspired to “The Little Prince” novel.

For who doesn’t know  “The Little Prince”, it’s a very popular novel for children, but in my opinion, if adults read it, they will only obtain lots of advice and aphorism about the important aspects of the life, like love, friendship, how to grow up and so on.

You know, when we are children everything looks simple and clear. We think our life will go straight to the target we have. How many of ours, as adults are able to catch the dreams they had as children? How many of ours still remember our dreams as children?

Well, the little prince was written by an adult an not a child. His name is Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French aviator and writer who composed this masterpiece in 1943. He wrote the novel with a child’s point of view, expressing the point of view of the little prince on the human values.

Ant the power of this book is just that is fully understandable by a child, but an adult will find back on it his own minds when he was a child and he will start wondering “When I lost my simplicity? When I start giving my dreams up? When I decided not to follow anymore my heart and started to follow my brain?”

Well, the first time I read “The little prince”, it didn’t like me. Maybe because I read it in French and I didn’t understand very clearly. But once I read again, it fully disclosed his poetry and power.

So, I was honored when my friend asked me to prepare some bookmarks inspired to “The Little Prince”.

I was scared because I should prepare 80 bookmarks in a few days, but I decided to accept the challenge and at the end I was really happy with the result.




The bookmarks were realized with a mix of water colored pencils and a normal pencils and were inspired to the original drawings present on the book.